Keith Davey is an environmental educator and author, a wildlife, nature and landscape photographer, natural history illustrator, graphic designer and a website developer. With his wife Pat, they travel around Australia, south-east Asia, Africa, South America and Pacific Ocean Islands to create environmental education resources.

Photographic Albums

Galapagos Islands



Awabakal Wildflowers  

Awabakal Nature Reserve

Awabakal Nature Reserve is found 10 kilometres south of Newcastle, New South Wales, between the suburbs of Dudley and Redhead. This park is administered by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, part of the Office of Environment and Heritage. The park was created in January 1978 and covers an area of 227 hectares. The Awabakal Nature Reserve contains a wide range of habitats including coastal heath, perched lagoons, creek catchments, dry and wet sclerophyll forest and rainforest remnants. The NSW Department of Education has an Environmental Education Centre, based near the Dudley Public School, that runs educational programs for both Primary and Secondary schools.

Here are some photos of the wildflowers that you may find in the Awabakal Nature Reserve. I have used the scientific names to name each species but if you download the Adobe Acrobat pdf file, the common name is linked to the scientific name. Awabakal Wildflower List pdf.

To get to the Awabakal Nature Reserve from the University of Newcastle download this map.


East African Safari  

East African Safari

During June - July 2011 Pat and Keith Davey were members of an Intrepid Adventure Tour to the "Massai Heartlands" travelling and camping through the wildlife reserves of Kenya and Tanzania.

Rather than staying in lodges, this was a tent-based tour so that they could live amongst the wildlife of the vast national reserves such as the Massai Mara, Serengeti, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Olduvali Gorge. Being in such close proximity to the wildlife provided many photograpohic opportunities to capture the daily lives of the magnificent animals. Lying in your lion- and elephant-proof tent at night listening to the howling hyenas and roaring lions was an experience that they will never forget. The atmosphere was exhilarating.


The Kimberley  

The Kimberley

If there is one part of Australia that you must see, it's the Kimberley region. The rugged landscapes of the Kimberley will take your breath away. There is nothing else like it in Australia. The dissected plateau of the ranges, Mitchell Falls, the dramatic Bungle-bungle Ranges or Purnululu, the Gibb River Road, El Questro, Bell Gorge, the freshwater crocodiles of Windjana Gorge, the gnarled Boabs of Oscar Range, the remote townships like Wyndham and Kununurra, as well as the massive and remote cattle stations that are all the place of legend.




waterbirds in action button  

Waterbirds in Action

In this set of photographs of Pacific Black Ducks and Eurasian Coots I wanted to capture them in action rather than just record portraits. I was testing my new 70-300mm Canon zoom lens and found it to be one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used.

The photographs were taken at Raymond Terrace, New South Wales in an artifical wetland which is populated by introduced ducks, geese, as well as a few species of Australian wetland birds.

Intrepid Tour:
Bangkok to Singapore - 2012


Intrepid: Bangkok to Singapore

In late November and early December 2012, Pat and Keith Davey took part in an Intrepid Tour from Bangkok to Singapore. Here are three photobooks of that journey.

We travelled through south-west Thailand, western Malaysia and finished at the city-state of Singapore.

Click on the Blue Headings below to see a photobook of the journey.


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but the text is hard to read)

Thailand 2012

(A large pdf file,
but the text and photos are higher quality)


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Malaysia 2012

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Singapore 2012

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Keith Davey has designed a number of educational websites for courses that he runs in Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. He teaches Field Studies students basic ecology, techniques for working in the field, as well as still photography and video production techniques to capture imagery for informing the illustrations that the students create.



Nature Illustration



Nature Illustration

The Nature Illustration website is used by students studying Natural History Field Studies at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Keith is a lecturer in the Field Studies component of the course.

Natural history illustration is a flexible and diverse discipline that seeks to observe, record and visually interpret the environment. Bringing together three main subject areas - art, science and the environment - natural history illustration is an opportunity for students to combine their interests in these areas and launch a rewarding career.

If you would like to see the artwork that has been created by students studying Natural History Illustration visit the University of Newcastle, Faculty of Science and Information Technology's Galleries Webpage.



Life on Australian Seashores  

Life on Australian Seashores

Keith is the author of five books on Australian natural history, including two books on Desert Life and book each on Australian Lizards and Australian Marsupials.

His latest book "A Photographic Guide to the Seashore Life of Australia", published by New Holland Press, is now in its third edition and is used by students and teachers studying intertidal habitats around Australia. The book is backed up by an educational website hosted by MESA, the Marine Educator's Society for Australasia.



Australian Shore Crabs


Australian Shore Crabs

Some of the more interesting animals that live on estuarine shores are the little shore crabs. They have a wonderful personality and lead interesting lives. The website "Estuarine Shore Crabs" describes the shore crabs that can be found in south-eastern Australia.


Newcastle Algae



Algae of Newcastle's Rocky Shores

Algae, or seaweeds are quite different to land-plants. They don't have a root system to take up nutrients, but absorb their food through their fronds. They also don't have seeds for reproduction, but release spores into the surrounding water that are similar to the spores found in ferns, mosses and lichens. The website "Newcastle Algae" shows some of the algal species found near Newcastle, NSW, Australia.





Australian Marsupials



Australian Marsupials

Australia is known as the land of marsupials. Yes, there are marsupials in New Guinea and in the Americas, but most are found in Australia. This website shows some of the marsupials that occur in Australia.

This website is in need of revision.

Species Bank  


Species Bank

Species Bank is an Australian Government initiative and describes a range of animals that are found in Australia. Keith submitted many of the webpages with an intertidal animal focus.




Davey Heritage

Richard Edwin and Mary Davey arrived in Australia in December 1849 with their four children. Initially they went to the Morpeth region and then shifted to Stroud. This website describes how the Davey family lived their lives when they got here.

Other Resources

Keith at Copacabana


Rocky Shores Resource Kit

Keith developed a Rocky Shores Resource Kit for Newcastle City Council as part of an education program funded through the Catchment Management Authority's Education Grants program in 2007. Click on the Other Resources topics below to download a pdf file.

Intertidal Animals of NSW

Birds of the Marine Rock Platforms

Estuarine Shore Crabs of NSW

Ocean Shore Crabs of NSW

Intertidal Algae of NSW


Intertidal animals sign  

Copacabana Interpretive Signs

The Copacabana Landcare Group asked Keith Davey to research and design a set of five interpretive signs that are located along the walkway that bounds the sand beach of Copacabana.

Copacabana Boulder Scree Platform

Copacabana Sand Shore

Tudibaring Headland and Boulder Scree Platform

Copacabana Past and Present

Cockrone Lagoon




Newcastle Coastal Rock Platforms Signs

The following signs were commissioned by Newcastle City Council but were never printed or erected due to council cost-cutting when a new General Manager was appointed and froze all outstanding projects. The project stalled and was never reinstigated.

Click on the following pdf files to download.

Newcastle Coastal Rock Platforms - Cowrie Hole

Birds of the Newcastle Rock Platform

Newcastle Coastal Rock Platforms - Susan Gilmore

Newcastle Coastal Rock Platforms - Merewether




Natural History Books

Keith has written five books on Australian Natural History. These are:

Australian Desert Life - Periwinkle Colour Press

Australian Lizards - Periwinkle Colour Press

Australian Marsupials - Periwinkle Colour Press

Our Arid Environment - animals of Australia's Desert Regions - AH & AW Reed Publishers

A Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia - New Holland Press


Intrepid Tour "Indochina Encompassed"

A set of four Photobooks as pdf files on Pat's and my journey through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Loas in 2011.

Because of the size of these files it may take some time to download.


Indochina Encompassed

Four pdf books on our journey through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

Thailand 2011

Cambodia 2011

Vietnam 2011

Laos 2011




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