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Richard Edwin & Mary Davey

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Richard Edwin Davey was born on the 6th April 1821 at Tiverton, Devon, England. His father was William Davey and his mother was Eleanor, or Ellen. The author of this website knows nothing of the early life of Richard other than he had two younger sisters, Elenor and Mary.

In 1839 Richard, at 18 yrs old, and Mary Toze, also 18 yrs old, became parents to William. Richard Edwin and Mary married one year later in 1840. Initially William was named William Toze, but after his parent's marriage this was changed to William Davey.

At the time of the 1841 British Census, Mary Davey and her son William and another infant daughter, Elizabeth at 3 months, were staying or living with her parents, John and Mary Toze at High Street, Bampton, Devon. In the Census record, 2 yr old William is listed as William Tooze.

There is some confusion about the correct spelling of their surname, but Parish records state that the family name was Toze. It was incorrectly listed in the 1841 Census as Tooze.

Mary's parents John and Mary Toze also had their own two year old daughter, Eliza. It is interesting to contemplate if this family passed the two children off as twins, since they already had two 15 year old boy twins, John junior and James. There was also another son, Henry at 4 years old.

tooze family 1841 census

Young Mary Davey (nee Toze) was born in 1821 in Exton, Somersetshire, and was baptised in the Church of England. Edwin Richard Davey was born at Tiverton, Devon and was also baptised as an Anglican (Church of England).

At the time of the 1841 Census, William Davey, Richard Edwin's father, lived at Westbrook Kiln, Bampton, Deven, with his two daughters, Elenor 25 yrs old, and Mary 15 yrs old. By 1841, it seems that their mother Eleanor, had died. Eleanor's maiden name was Tozer and this becomes important later when Mary Toze emmigrates to Australia.

It may be that the daughter Elenor was looking after her 60 year old father and 15 year old sister. At 25 yrs old, why wasn't Elenor already married? Without a mother, it may have been the duty of an eldest daughter to look after the family.

william davey and family 1841 census

We have been unable to trace where Richard Edwin Davey was at the time of the 1841 Census, but it has been suggested that he might have been living and working for another member of the family.

What is surprising is that Mary Toze spelled her surname in three different ways. In various records throughout her life her surname is spelled Tooze (1841 Census), Toze and Tozer. It is not that Mary couldn't read or write; she could. It says so on the "Inspection Record of the Immigration Board" dated 15th December 1949, when the Davey's arrived at Port Jackson. Interestingly, this document Mary states that her family name is Toze, which was her correct family name.

In another set of documents titled "Bampton Births" and "Bampton Burials" the family name is spelled Toze in a list of at least 20 names. There are no Tooze's nor Tozer', only Toze's.

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After Richard Edwin and Mary Davey emigrated to Australia in late 1949, both John Toze and his wife Mary Toze went to live at Westbook Kiln Cottage until the time of their death. This is the same place that William Davey and his daughters were living at the 1941 Census. John Toze died on the 2nd November 1873 at 77 years of age and Mary died on the 3rd December 1876 at 81 years of age.

Using Google Earth you type in "Westbrook Cottage, Deven, England" and see this building. It may have been rebuilt since that time. You can also look at the old homes along "High Street, Bampton, Deven."

High Street Bampton

High Street Bampton, Devon 2008

I have found other people who lived at Westbrook Kiln and Westbrook Kiln Cottage. These were Pricilla Vicary who died at 11 years of age in 1884, and William Webber who as living at Westbrook Kiln in 1841. Oddly, William Webber was living at High Street, Bampton in 1851 in what was to remain their family home for 30 years.



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