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The area between the land and the sea along our shorelines is a fascinating region. It is smashed by the waves when the tide is high and baked by the sun when the tide is out. Yet this harsh environment is rich with an abundant variety of interesting animals and seaweed (algae) that thrive here.

Purpose of the Web Site

This Web Site explores some of the coastal environments from around Australia and the animals and plants found there. Some of the topics and regions which we will be explore are:

Seashore & Coastal Topics

Other Sites to be posted soon...

  • Shore Crabs of the Hunter River Estuary.

This site is in its infancy. It is undergoing rapid development. If you have suggestions for its improvement, or you would like to see other features, contact me at the email address below. Bookmark and revisit this site at regular intervals as New Pages are being added each week. .


Some other web resource sites you may wish to visit are:

All About Coastcare


Coastcare is the community cornerstone of Coasts and Clean Seas, the Federal Government's coastal and marine initiative under the Natural Heritage Trust. The focus of Coasts and Clean Seas is on protecting the marine environment from the negative impacts of human activities. It tackles pollution problems, addresses threats to marine biodiversity and habitat degradation and aims to ensure the sustainable use of Australia's coastal and marine areas.

Rocky Shore and Intertidal Zonation web resources


This is a resource list to web sites from around the world. Unfortunately, very few web sites are available on intertidal zonation and rocky shore environments in Australia.

South Africa appears to have the best developed sites, followed by the United States and then Britain.



Seashore Life of south-eastern Australia
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