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In Australian seas, coastal rivers and estuaries, on rocky shores and along sandy beaches there are many kinds of crab. In this website we will be looking at shore crabs.

I will introduce you to many of the crabs you might find in different inter-tidal habitats from eastern and south-eastern Australia.

Some different habitats we will explore are:

1. Estuary shores in south-eastern Australia,
2. Estuary shores in southern Australia,
3. Estuary shores of the north-east and tropical Australia,
4. Rocky ocean shores from south-eastern Australia
5. Sandy ocean shores from south-eastern Australia.

To start with, we will only be looking at crabs that can be found on the shores of coastal rivers and estuaries from south-eastern Australia from New South Wales to Victoria. In time, other regions will be added.

To discover more about the shore crabs that you might find on a sandy or mud shore in a coastal river mouth, or estuary, along the south-eastern Australian coast, click on the link at the left.

Each of the links at the left go to a general description of a shore crab. For extra details click on the "More Information" button on each crab species web page.

If you would like to suggest what regions I should explore next send an email to

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Davey, K. 1998. A Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia.
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