Estuarine Habitats

Saltmarsh Flat
Tidal Stream
Sandy Bank
Upper Mud Shore
Low Mud Shore

Shore Crab Types
Haswell's Crab
Red-fingered Marsh Crab
Ghost Crabs
Smooth Shore Crabs
Smooth-handed Crab
Leach's Crab
Soldier Crabs
Semaphore Crab
Sentinal Crabs
Fiddler Crabs
Tuxedo Crab
Spider Crab
Blue Swimmer Crab

Role of Tides
Moving up the shore


Smooth Shore Crab, Cyclograpsus audouinii

The Smooth Shore Crab, Cyclograpsus audouinii, is a small, pale coloured crab found at high levels on estuarine shores and also on rocky ocean shores. It shelters under rocks. Unlike most other crabs, the rim of its shell, or carapace, does not have any spines or notches.

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The Spotted Smooth Shore Crab, Paragrapsus laevis

The Spotted Smooth Shore crab, Paragrapsus laevis, is a very large, gregarious crab found under rocks and litter high on muddy shores of coastal rivers and estuaries from Moreton Bay, southern Queensland, south through New South Wales and Victoria to north-eastern Tasmania.

The male clabs claws are many, many times larger than the female's claws. This would certainly affect what they eat. But how would claw size affect what the two sexes eat?

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